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IC Report Sharing

Just want to share an IC report from a Hong Kong local design house. The content is simple but well structured, the figure and IC management approach at last part tells reader how clear is it’s company vision.


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Early Delivery of iOS 4.3

The much expected iOS 4.3 was available for download this morning, 2 days earlier than promised.

The upgrade was fast and smooth. Among the few added features, the one most looked forward to is the “Personal Hotspot” (iPhone 4 only, sorry) that can turn the iPhone into a WiFi access point using the iPhone’s 3G bandwidth. This also worked well from my iPhone 4. The speed was not bad (1 to 2 MB bandwidth). I had only got 2 iOS devices at hand (iPad and iPod Touch) and they could be connected swiftly through the Hotspot to the Internet  simultaneously.

Another useful feature (for me) should be the enhancement of the “Airplay” capability, which would allow 3rd party apps to stream video to the TV via appropriate means, such as the Apple TV. I can only try this out at home tonight.

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在一般動畫漫畫電影,總要有一個邪惡組織作奸犯科, 而總之軍人警察就像香港一眾高官一樣,沒把情況弄得更差就要謝天謝地了,能夠當個稱職的佈景板已經是超額完成任務.



之後那些飯桶軍人警察市民出來高呼萬歲, 剛好90分鐘, 電影完場


進入double loop learning, 為什麼要拯救人類?

有手段的壞人, 逐個逐個的把惡棍帶到英雄面前

索馬里的海盜, 做人肉叉燒包的, 強姦犯, 專門戀童的變態, 老爸是李剛的, 為了錢戾橫折曲的律師, 明知會死人還是做假酒的, 販毒的, 這麼骯髒醜陋的人類你真是肯定要拯救嗎?

被問到這個問題, 要連腦袋都是肌肉的英雄解答實在是強人所難, 死腦筋的英雄一下墮入思想的深淵, 要不是變成更大的壞人就是最少要拍多一集電影給他好好反省

Transformer (變形金剛) 的 Optimus Prime(那架紅色貨櫃車) 給了一個標準到有點毛的美式答案

“Freedom is the right of all sentient beings”, 言下之意就是, 我是來保護那些 sentient beings 的freedom 的

果然是活了幾千(萬)年的外星人智慧, 很難想像要是有天真的發現了外星人的時候, 有沒有人有這種氣度說上面這句, 我想已經怕的要死準備按核彈都來不及了吧


We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

雖然一般人沒什麼機會當救世英雄, 有一天你要當上救世英雄的時候, 那種拯救是要誇越個人的無條件賦予

就像醫生消防員拯救人命, 拯救的原因不是那人值不值得被救,而是所有人原本就應該被救, 只是現實環境可能不容許只能作出理性的取捨


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其實, 這篇是打給自己看的, 所以如果你看不懂是很正常,而且我也是邊打邊想邊找資料

對於各種主張, 很多時候人們以左派右派形容, 也有人自稱自己是左派/右派
從前於我而言,激進就是左, 保守就是右

所以上街衝擊是左, 做政府鷹犬是右

一般情況下, 這樣分都是對的,就是經濟議題上, 經濟右派好像跟”保守” 扯不上邊…經濟還有分保守激進嗎?想不通

經濟右派是奉行自由經濟, 相信市場的無形之手會為社會做最佳的分配. 迎合市場就是金科玉律, 天下的大道理, 命運的選擇
舉例, 蘋果日報是經濟右派,總之讀者(市場)喜歡看什麼就給他們看什麼,所以頭條會連續看到Isaballa跟李澤楷兩天(2月27,28日), 體育版變成波經, 娛樂新聞永遠都是沒完沒了的緋聞, 還有圖文並茂,臉紅心跳的風月場所介紹報告. 讀者買單就是正義, 道德不能當飯吃, 那是讀者的選擇和責任, i don’t care

經濟左派一般會被右派叫作福利主義, 主張干預市場以保護低下階層.

右派會批評左派是逆天而行, 左派會批評右派社會達爾文主義

個人出來社會打拼, 經過十多廿年,得到了社會地位金錢權力. 別人沒自己成功想當然就是別人沒有你努力,所以他們潦倒,平庸,貧困,失敗. 物競天擇, 適者生存

對啊, 物競天擇, 適者生存, 是多麼的自然

雖然是很自然, 隱隱然的我覺得這是有問題的, 可是沒有用來反駁的堅實道理. 這個問題在我腦中長駐了很多年.

對了, 美其名為“物競天擇”,實際上只是”自生自滅”的代名詞

道德上,人類不能容許別人被“自生自滅”. 人類會無條件的照顧老弱傷殘.

在這個地方, 物競天擇不適用, 或者應該這樣說, “物競天擇”被濫用了

完全的相信無形之手, 就會做成公有地悲劇

沒有人會建不收錢的公園,不收費的馬路,做不收費的教育, 醫治付不起錢的病人, 做不收費的消防, 做不收費的治安保障
處理這個情況需要一個組織, 名叫政府

人民付錢令政府運作. 有錢的人多付一點, 貧窮的人付少一點. 這是相對的公平,而不是絕對的公平. 有錢人的1000圓跟窮人的1000圓的邊際效用不一樣, 數目上的公平不是實際的”公平”



黑格爾 – 凡存在的就是合理 (先不管他原意是不是這樣)


到此, 豁然開朗

所謂君臣父子, 原來我們中國人5千年來都是把右派思想奉若圭臬, 怪不得中國的封建社會可以維持個幾千年都沒什麼變化. 當然這種擁護建制的主流思想做皇帝的也歡迎之至

至於左派, 子為父隱,父為子隱, 左派思想仲邊有運行丫

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Will iPad 3 Make Its Debut Some Time Soon?

This is another question I have received from some of my friends after the debut of the iPad 2. Admittedly, there are quite a number of features added to the iPad 2, but whether they are attractive enough for iPad 1 owners to throw another few thousand bucks for it is another question. I have already indicated my (preliminary) decision to wait for the next upgrade, so have some of my friends.

There have been rumors saying that Apple would roll out the iPad 3 within this year, but I don’t think so. If I were the decision maker of Apple, I definitely would not do that. It would take a few months before iPad 2 is available in all the overseas markets. There is still no schedule for the supply to Hong Kong. What do you think would happen if Apple announces the iPad 3 a couple months after people have bought the iPad 2? Are they going to refund the buyers of iPad 2 like what they are now doing to those who have just bought the iPad 1. Unless the board of directors of Apple Inc. have suddenly been taken control by someone like our Financial Secretary.

Furthermore, Steve Jobs has high-soundingly announced that Year 2011 is the year of the iPad 2. If iPad 3 is rolled out within this year, what do you think they should call it? Also, I don’t think there is enough competitive threats in the market for Apple to make such a stupid move.

So, if you think you have already been waiting for too long for THE “perfect iPad”, and are still not happy with the iPad 2, you may consider taking the plunge to buy an iPad 1, taking advantage of the saving of about HK$1,000. With the rolling out of iOS 4.3 (and better versions to come in the future), the original iPad is good enough for a lot of meaningful things.

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Why eBook Should Cost More Than Paperback Copy?

My wife wanted to buy a book written by Desmond Tutu (former Archbishop of S. Africa). We went to check it out from the Commercial Press because books were on sale.

After a 15% discount, the book costs HK$130. I then searched the book at the Amazon Kindle Store. The e-book was priced at US$ 11.99, which was HK$36 cheaper. So we decided to download the e-book from Amazon and read it with the iPad Kindle app. We can actually share the same book and read simultaneously because my wife’s iPad and Kindle app were registered under the same ID.

We were happy with our decision, but one thing I don’t quite understand is that why the e-book we have purchased should cost even more than its paperback copy, which was priced at US$10.8? This doesn’t make any sense, does it? Just like the need to pay a surcharge to purchase a cinema ticket online. The merchant should have saved quite a bit of costs for online transactions. Is this a rip-off for customers to enjoy the convenience?

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The iPad 2 Upgrade

The much expected iPad 2 has finally been unveiled. As usual, many of my friends and colleagues asked for my views and if I would go for it. With the new features in the iPad 2, Apple has further strengthened its leading place in the tablet market. As far as I am concerned, I am actually not too excited about those new features. Since my iPad has been in use for only 8 months, I think I should hold my breath for a little longer for the next upgrade which I (and many) think would have more groundbreaking features. The iPad (1) I am using has been serving me very well so far. I am more looking forward to the iOS 4.3 which I think would be more useful for my current applications, and this software upgrade is FREE!

My views on the new features and upgrades are as follows:

1. Cameras

This would be very good for those who really do video calls a lot. However, I only do that once in a blue moon, and I have my iPhone 4 for that purpose.

2. Faster CPU and Graphic

This is also a major improvement. However, the current speed is ok for the applications I am using. I seldom played video games, especially those that would demand a lot of processing power.

3. A thinner and lighter body

The weight has reduced for about 4 ounces. The protective case I am using weighs about 9 ounces. So the weight reduction can easily be achieved if I can found a lighter case.

4. Smart Cover

I’d rather save that US$39 for not having the smart cover.

5. Mirroring

This is good but has to be achieved with a HDMI adapter costing US$39. There may not be too many occasions I really need to mirror the iPad to the TV. The mirroring may be more useful if it can be done through a video projector for training and demonstration purpose. This may be possible in the next upgrade. I have heard that the HDMI adapter can also be used with iPad 1 for restricted features, such as for mirroring 720HD video to HDTV. As a matter of fact, I can stream 720HD video to the TV through my Apple TV.

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奇怪,又貼不了youtube片了.  只好放個link

最近很少發文了, 基本上是因為想說的都說過一次了,再寫就跟報紙那些重重覆覆的專欄沒個兩樣
另方面就是對時事的忿怒感實在太強了,東西寫出來一不好玩,二不幽默, 就按捺不表了

面對擁有權力的人, 濫用會規章程, 以資源資訊的不對稱打壓異議.使用文字遊戲, 倒因為果, 抹黑對手, 鼓吹盲目團結. 在過去的幾個月可謂大開眼界.

對於這種腐朽的勢力, 迎頭痛擊是絕對的必要

到了今天, 你不理政治, 政治就會上門來找你

將忿恨不滿化成行動就是當務之急, 3月6日3:00,修頓球場約定你,怒插乞人曾財爺!

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I’m a year late

Finally tried Kindle…

Good Point:
E ink is good for reading, comfortable
Light and slim

Bad Point:
It is not touch screen, I always try to tip the screen
ok, revert to up/down  select, confirm style, look at the right side of the kindle, the square frame is the up down left right button, the centre is confirm button. ok, i use it.

I tell you from my heart, this is shit

The frame is so thin, I will always unwantedly pressed “confirm”  while actually I wanted to press up/down actually. It is already annoying to navigate the menu item one by one sequentially and it added one more blow to go astray during navigation.


If you have a habbit of reading text only book, having patience and fine finger, kindle is a good choice

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Why Getting Online Abroad Is Still So Costly

As indicated in my last post, Hong Kong has the best ICT infrastructure and access to Internet is basically ubiquitous. In fact, the cost for Internet access in Hong Kong is also almost the lowest, especially the cost for mobile Internet access. There are basically 2 types of mobile Internet access in Hong Kong, WiFi and 3G (including GPRS). We can get access to the Internet any time at (almost) any places free of charge or at very low cost.

However, the story is very much different when we are outside Hong Kong.  Getting online overseas is still very inconvenient and costly (through data roaming or pay a very high premium for using the local data service there).  As mobile Internet devices (such as iPhone or Android phones) are more and more commonly used nowadays and there are more and more useful apps developed with the purpose to help people travel, access to Internet overseas (e.g. during travel) is as needed as in one’s local country. For example, “Google Translate” can be very useful in helping people speaking different languages to communicate, but the translation has to take place with Internet access. Google map is another very useful application to help people to move around in unfamiliar places, only if mobile Internet access is available.

As far as I know, Hong Kong is the most tourist friendly place as far as mobile Internet access is concerned. People (including visitors) can simply buy a prepaid phone and data usage SIM card (from 3HK for example) for less than two hundred dollars, covering unlimited mobile data usage within a month (HK$168 top). I think this is certainly good for the tourist industry and can also better promote Hong Kong as an international business meeting place.

With MID’s become more and more widespread use nowadays, I hope that other countries (especially the ones with most tourists, such as Japan) would also make their mobile Internet access more “visitor friendly” soon. Otherwise, this would become a bottle-neck for the further development in the utilization of ICT.

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