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Afterthought on HKcyberU KM Course

KM 值得推行嗎?

以上種種的根本上的問題其實說我念完了這個course就會答是騙你的.如果KM是分成people, process 和technology 三部份, 唯一我肯定的地方是這個course太偏重於technology 和 process. 可是當管理的人都知道, 在一個機構最重要和困難的因素就是”人”.  甚至 process 上的討論我也認為是不足的. 套Ludo 的說法就是level of detail 停留在level 1 ~2 次間 (such that no real work is gonna to be done)

如果問題的解決方是成立一個COP, 可是如何成立一個有效的COP啊,那是我一直都有的問題. 更根本上, 如何令同事明白分享知識不是一個zero sum game, 解放”(密藏)知識就是力量” 這個心智模式更是難題中的難題.

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  1. TS says

    I like your photo.

    I agree with you Anthony. That’s why we need to keep learning. We haven’t arrived yet! Hopefully, we are better learner now.

  2. Olivia says

    我對科技的基本知識掌握甚微, 這個課程令我獲益良多,特別是PKM方面, 十分實際。Organizational Learning是針對People而言, 我覺得這個科目已辦得相當不錯, 起碼自己已開始培養Reflection的習慣, 以及時刻提醒自己, 觀人時不要”爬梯”; 如果Anthony你有興趣深入了解People這個domain,不防可以找professors談談,甚至可以給他們一些feedback去改善課程,例如一些以workshop為主的科目,而我們亦可以以Visiting Student身份參與, 正於TS所說 — we need to keep learning.

    就Process有關的知識而言,我最感深刻的, 莫過於是Ludo的教授; 課有哪些是針對Process的呢?可以分享一下嗎?

    至於COP, 我覺得它是需要被take care的, 其中一項關鍵是有沒有committment去create及sustain, 之後, 問題便著重於有多大程度可以把committment deliver 到。

  3. Roy says

    The questions I currently have are:
    1. What to learn
    2. How to learn
    3. Why to learn

    I believe all of us learn everyday. The issues are
    – what we have learned
    – how much we have learned
    – do we know what we have learned
    – do we learn what we want to learn

    Sorry, Roy is bullshitting.

    In a commercial organization, there are quite a number of different processes:
    1. logistic process
    2. manufacturing process
    3. sales and marketing process
    4. innovation process
    5. managment process

    Olivia, I think you may have to exactly know what business process you would like to learn more. Do you agree?

  4. TS says

    I agree that we need to be clear about our purpose in learning and in our quest for knowledge. I would like to share with you some of my thoughts on similar issues with an article I wrote some time ago in my other blog: