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小學就拿來玩的老梗(經典) 的圖案


要是要在電話跟人形容你看到什麼的時候, 就大鑊了




人類的perception是有缺憾的, 至少是有辨法manipulate的


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  1. Paul says


  2. Cherie says

    How can we manipulate properly? At least, let the others around me feeling comfortable?

  3. Cherie says

    Antony and friends, just find some readings to be shared with you…
    “Most people don’t realize that what you focus on expands and that each of us has the power to control our thoughts, which in turn affect our attitudes,” states Burton. He has several suggestions for dealing with Sombereconitis.

    1) Balance. You can be informed without being inundated. If you read an article and allow it to negatively affect your state of mind, balance that feeling by feeding your mind with some inspirational material.

    2) Change your focus. Instead of focusing on the negative side of the financial turmoil, focus on things that you are passionate about (family, friends, hobbies or volunteering).

    3) Gratefulness. The next time you find yourself talking about the market in a negative way, stop yourself and talk about something or someone you are grateful for.

    4) Ask yourself better questions. What can I be doing right now to improve my current situation?

  4. TS says

    Very good sharing, Cherie.

    Our “focus” can be very powerful.

    Taking responsibility (in your point no. 4) is very important in mastering one’s life. Responsibility is made up with 2 words – “Response” and ability”. The ability to response. No matter what had happened, whether it was my fault or others fault, there must be something one can do to improve the situation.

    The opposite of responsibility is “self – victimization”.