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What I can do with my Gmail

I think many of you should already cialis online have a Gmail account. My Gmail started off with 2 GB and now my quota is approaching 8 GB. website directory Apart from using my gmail account as a passport to all the useful web services of Google, what good is it to have such a hugh Gmail box. I have found it very useful to use this huge mail box as my Online Information/Knowledge Database.

Centralized Email Archive

First of all, I use Gmail to serve as my centralized email archive. I already have my own email account at work and this is the one I used most to send and receive mails. I have configured this email account to forward all my incoming and outgoing mails to my Gmail account, making it as a backup or archive for all my emails. Searching and retrieving my archived mail in Gmail is easy with the powerful search capability of Google. I can also have my archived mails organized with the great features of Gmail, such as labeling and filtering emails.

Storing knowledge published in the Web

Very often you may want to keep some good stuffs you have stumbled across in some websites for future reading or reference. You can actually send the entire webpage or just a paragraph or a picture (by highlighting the portion) to you Gmail. However, in order to send webpage materials to your Gmail, you need another small apps from Google. It is the “Google Toolbar”. You can download this small app from


Storing Files

With the convenience of Internet access, you can retrieve your stored materials anywhere anytime at any computers having access to the Internet. You can backup your important files and documents online so that you don’t have to worry about losing them when you have a disastrous failure of your computer. Such a facility is also very useful when you suddenly need to retrieve certain data/information.

My friend told me this experience of his. Some time ago when he was traveling in Mainland China, he had unfortunately lost his traveling documents and ID cards. Fortunately he had scanned copies of these documents and emailed them to his own email account. The scanned copies retrieved from his email account had saved him a lot of troubles in the process of getting his new documents.

Storing files to Gmail

One way for doing that is to simply send yourself an email attaching the files you want. However, there is one easier way to do that. You can create (install) a “Gmail Drive” in your computer. With this Gmail Drive, you can simply copy and paste or even drag and drop your files to this “virtual drive”. Gmail will automatically send an email to your account with the files attached. You can access your stored files by opening the Gmail Drive. If you are accessing those files from other computers (with no Gmail Drive installed), you can simply retrieve your files by logging in you Gmail Account. Emails generated using the Gmail Drive have specific subject lines, like “GMAILFS:/[file name]”.

You can download the “Gmail Drive” application from here:

Storing information generated in my iPhone

Most information (text/photos/voice) in my iPhone can be exported with email (mailed out function), such as note I write with the notepad app, journals I write with the iDiary app, also news fed to my iPhone etc.

In order not to clutter your inbox with these emails and for easier retrieval, it is a good idea to create a “filter” to group all these emails under a specific “label”. More about this later.

Until next time.


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