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What I can do with my iPhone (2)

People often ask me why I like the iPhone that much and ask what exactly I can do with it.

The problem is… I just didn’t know what to tell them off the top of my head (because there are just so many things that can be done with it and new things are being made available everyday).  So I have decided to write them down (and update the list periodically).

Here below is the list of the tools and apps in my iPhone. Some of them came with the iPhone while most were downloaded and installed either from the official Apple Apps Store (some free, some paid) or from 3rd party sources (you need to have your iPhone jailbroken to install 3rd party apps).  I have tried to group these tools and apps into appropriate categories.

Communication tools:

  • Phone
  • SMS
  • Emails
  • Instant messaging (Fring) including the commonly used ones such as MSN, Google Talk and Skype.
  • Facebook

Mobile Internet Access Tools:

  • Web browsing
  • Web searches
  • Google Reader

Real time Information:

  • Financial : Including stock indices and individual share prices, Forex etc.
  • Weather Information: HK weather with temperature distribution (info from HKO), weather in major cities.
  • News feeds


  • Calendar for schedules (can sync with Google calendars and outlook)
  • Contact list with phones, emails, address.
  • To-do lists
  • Task planners (Get Things Done) – the one I like most is call “Things”. Will talk more about this.

Writing tools:

  • Books
  • Notes
  • Diary/Journal
  • Blog (I can post my articles to any blogs, including this K4Fun blog)

File Folders (Briefcase):

  • Apps for fetching files (documents) from my desktop computer and save to the iPhone.

Ideas Generation Tools:

  • Mind maps (including the famous “Freemind”)
  • Notes
  • Voice recorders

Learning tools:

  • Dictionaries : I have 3 different dictionaries installed (one with pronunciation) plus one for checking Changji inputs.
  • Language translations : Including Japanese and French
  • eBook Reader
  • Holy Bible

Presentation Tools:

  • Powerpoint presentation (i-Clickr) : Remotely control the Powerpoint slides  and with speaker’s notes shown in my iPhone.
  • Remote mouse and keyboard (Air Mouse) for desktop or notebook computers.

Databases (simple ones):

  • Inventory (iOwn) : this one is used for recording information (purchase date, prices, warranty etc.) about your inventory items at various locations. You can also take photos of the items with the iPhone camera.

Camera and Camcoder Tools:

  • Video on iPhone (downloadable and convertible) : quality quite good as far as taking video with similar devices is concerned
  • Video direct upload for streaming (app: Qik) : you can stream real time video
  • Webcam Monitors: Can set up a number of webcams and monitor those webcams from the iPhone.
  • Camera function: quality just so so.

Entertainment Tools:

  • Photo Albums : Direct access to Picasa
  • Music : no need to say much. All iPod functions are built in the iPhone.
  • Movies on the go : can download movies (mp4 and mov) to the iPhone. Better get a 16 G iPhone for that
  • You Tube movies : view online or download for viewing.
  • Radio (FStream): Can listen to all HK radio stations + countless numbers of others all over the world. Connections are made over WiFi or 3G networks, not through radio wave. So you can still have superb reception indoors, or any place where you have 3G signals.
  • Games : Tons of them. But I am not a gamer, so I don’t bother much

Clocks and Time Tools:

  • Local + world times
  • Alarm clocks — This proves to be quite useful. Sometimes I can be too absorbed in my work that I could miss my appointments.
  • Stop watches


  • Simple,  Scientific and Statistics

GPS + Google Maps

Remote Desktop (RDP): Log-in office computers remotely : this is useful to me.

Misc. Utility + Productivity Tools:

  • Financial Planner: simple budgeting tools.
  • Many other apps : some are really useful, some just for fun

Have I missed anything worth mentioning? Desmond, Jenny and Teresa may be able to cover for me.

Until next time.


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  1. teresa says

    Regarding games, there are tons for free while the most exciting ones of cause you have to pay. But the price is OK, and some of the charging ones will offer a lite version for free with limited game features or stages. So far I paid for only one game, it cost me around HKD3x but it kept me entertained for more than a month already! The famous game cooking mama is also available now at around HKD5x.

    I bought an app which iphone can work as cordless keyboard and mousepad thru wifi, it was only HKD3x!

    I am the not productive type and most of the apps in my iPhone are for leisure/無聊 but fun. I installed apps like kitchen timer, e-pet, torch, solitaire, 龜波氣功,過橋抽板&火燭車(the 80’s handheld game),, Channel, free Japanese comic, links to site like k4fun, 金庸,倪匡小說,daily bible reading, access to IM like MSN messanger, cooking receipe…. Many many.

    The phone is good for poductive persons like TS, but also 無聊人 like me, users can pick the apps for install to the phone among the wide wide range to suit their needs and preference.