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Making use of Gmail's "email address extensions"

I don’t know what exactly I should call it, whether it should be called “email extensions” or “pseudo email addresses”.

You can actually add any “extensions” to your gmail address, and you will still receive all the mails sending to those “pseudo email addresses”. For example, if the original gmail address is “”, you can add extensions like:


What good is it for?

One way I’ve found very useful is for filtering the mails I would send to my Gmail account. In my previous article, I talked about using Gmail to achive the webpages I would like to keep for future reference.  Remember, we can use Google Toolbar’s “Send To” function to send the webpage to the Gmail Inbox, and then we can put these captured webpages under different “Labels” for better organization.

By using the “email address extensions”, I can send a web article to my Gmail and put under the appropriate “Label” all at once.

How to?

By creating and configuring appropriate “filters”.

You can create and configure the filter with the Gmail Settings fuction. What you need to do is to enter your gmail with the “extension” you want at the “To:” field,  and then apply the “Label” you want in the “Next Step”. (See pictures below)



After you have set the “filter”, next time when you want to send a page to that particular Label, you need to send it to your gmail with that particular “extension”. Got it? You can set as many gmail extensions and as many filters and labels as you want for that purpose.

Until next time.


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3 Responses

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  1. Teresa says

    Any idea does the extension thing also apply toothed email? only to webmail or for all?

  2. TS says

    I think it’s only the feature offered by Google.

  3. Cherie says

    TS, can you share more in our coming gathering in April?