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港男.講女 and 港女.講男

TVB真係幽默, 3.8婦女節播呢個節目
一星期後, 輪到女講男, 不過未有youtube…. 話都無咁快就有youtube…

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  1. TS says


  2. TS says


  3. Jenny says

    i think this is really an “as-is” situation in HK although i believe i don’t have many friends like what they described. i think the ‘港女“ one is better than “港男“ in describing the symptoms… for example, i found that indeed i have “公主病“ haha — i don’t like to do anything relating to washing clothing, cooking meals, etc. other than this, i don’t think i have other serious 6 sins 😛

  4. Cherie says

    Jenny, I can’t see your symtoms of “公主病“ , as you are working too hard, always with quick actions by yourself…..最多只係”職業病”!!

  5. TS says

    I totally agree with Cherie.