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Google Map Street View Feature

I have heard about the Google Street View feature for quite a while but it hasn’t received much of my attention until recently.

Recently I am planning a trip to Melbourne to visit my daughters (and their newly raised dog) and this time we plan to drive from Melbourne up to Sydney.  We would stay 2 nights around the Snowy Mountain area before arriving Sydney.

In planning our trip with the Google Map, I have stumbled across it’s street view feature. I was fascinated.

Google Street View was first introduced by Google in 2007 and it only covered a few major cities in the US when it was first launched. Since then, areas being covered have increased significantly, including Australia, Japan and a number of European countries.

When you are going to some place unfamiliar, it would be very useful if you can have an idea what the place would look like. Using the Google Street View, I now have a pretty good idea how the apartment building we have reserved in Sydney looks like, including its surrounding environment, like we have already been there.  I have pretty good confident that I won’t have problem in finding the building when we arrive there.  How wonderful!

So, how to activate the Street View?

I think the feature is “browser specific”. I haven’t tried many different browsers. The latest versions of  Firefox should be OK, but I recommend you to use Google Chrome which will be OK for sure.

When you open up your Google Map App, you should be able to see a “Pegman” on top of the scale bar at the upper left side of the map. If the location shown in the Google Map has been covered by Street View, the color of the “Pegman” should be in “orange”, otherwise it would be in white color.


You can simply drag the Pegman to the location where you want to see. The Pegman can be dragged to change your viewing  location. The size of the screens showing the map view and the street view can be adjusted to your need. Simple? You can use your mouse to drag to see the the 360 degree street views. Try it out yourself, it’s fun. The  brown building below is the apartment building we will live in Sydney.



Street View in iPhone

The iPhone 3G 2.2 has also been enabled with the Street View feature. It can be activated by “dropping a pin” on the map. You can see the street view by pressing the icon at the left side of the bar on top of the pin (see below).


You can conveniently see the 360 degree street view by flipping the street view.



Hope you also enjoy this new feature as much as I do. Please be warned that you may become indulged in playing with it.

Until next time.


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