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當我第3次聽走音版 花吃了這女孩 的時候


上youtube 除了傅穎和毓民之外(對我而言還有Top Gear)
還有有教育性的 YouTube Edu, 國外的知名大學的lecture都免費放上來, 專門的還有Academic Earth

Academic Earth 離譜到連Transcript 都有…

現在已經不是有沒有錢上堂的問題,而是有沒有足夠的時間吸收的問題 (外國名校既lecture 真係高幾班 )

you know you will know everything given you have enough time and


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  1. TS says


    Anthony, I think this is a really good piece of sharing. It has brought about a number of good discussion topics, including new ways of teaching and learning (and also many new ways of doing things people have been doing for decades or centuries), time management (or life management), understanding what really matters for individuals, etc. Hope we can have more discussions among us on these important topics, and other related topics.

  2. Jenny says

    reading your post while listening to faye wong. although i think she’s too cold and distanced as an artist, i love her songs coz’ of her irresistible voice. whether she’s pretty or not, i don’t really care. so i guess it’s just nowaday when our customer demographics has switched to those who go for ‘appearance’ (pretty dolly face) rather than listening to a real good song which can touch your heart, which contributes to this group of new idols. 我觉得她是有点’非战之罪’ 呢

  3. TS says