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Echoed! Speechless!

When returned back from Korea to HK, I was reading Korean Herald on the plane. I couldn’t agree more with the Korean columnist who shared how he felt about his race in an article featured “Image of a Nation”

When I was ordering at a McDonald’s counter in Incheon Airport, a Korean woman who was supposed to line behind me simply walked to my left and pressed herself against my left arm (while I was still ordering!). I turned my head to look at her. She looked like nothing happened.

When I was walking in the subway in Seoul with my honey, one time I was pushed by a middle-aged and tall Korean male, and another time I was pushed by a woman. Same “being pushed” experience was shared by my honey.

When I was standing inside a cart of the MTR, a middle-aged woman pushed me away to get my standing place for her shopping bag.

Another thing that made me feel bad is how natural and frequent Korean male (both old and young) spit on the streets. It is very dangerous to me!

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  1. TS says

    I had been to Seoul about 8 years ago. I didn’t notice it was that bad.

  2. Olivia says

    Well, i talked with 2 friends who have been to Seoul 2 years’ ago. They both had the same feeling. One of them said they would not consider skiing in Korea because of their bad manner (u know how dangerous it could be if skiing manner is bad…)

  3. TS says

    I also didn’t have good time in Korea last time for many other reasons. I just wonder why there still are so many people like to go there for vacation. Japan is so much different. My wife and daughters, including my mother in law all like going to Japan.

  4. Tracy says

    A friend of me who works in a coffee shop in Tsim Sha Tsui told me that he often met impolite Korean customers. While I guess each nation has people who do not behave properly in public. I watched an interesting TV program on Pearl about ‘Ugly Americans’. Two actors pretended to behave very badly in several coffee shops in France. All the others say that they are ‘Ugly Americans’ even if the two actors did not release their nationality (and they were not Americans).