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another lesson – 人不可以貌相

Despite her outlook and learning disabilities due to birth difficulties/lack of O2, “Susie Simple” persue her mother’s last wish and her own dream.  It may not be the best voice you ever heard, but it is another encouraging story.

Like 流浪漢世界盃 五步轉念法

第一步: 我唔識踢波

第二步: 以前同依家我都唔識踢波

第三步: 由細到大我都唔識踢波, 係因為我從未學過踢波

第四步: 我要去學踢波, 我知道有祂睇住我

第五步: 我依家就去學踢波

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  1. Anthony says

    第一次聽,真係唔錯, 既然Susan 話唱的是 Elaine Paige 版, 當然要比較一下”原版”是如何的天籟之音 ->

    I think Susan’s effect has a lot to do with her own story. She’s 47 yrs old, unemployed and all alone.

    One may say that her life’s finished BUT she has a dream, like the name of the song she sang “I dreamed a dream.” The song may not be written for her but definitely written about her. Her performance is like a light beacon in the world of darkness where many of us have given up dreams, that it is still possible to dream, no matter what your age/figure/status is. This rekindling of hope is what I found most inspiring and touching.

  2. TS says

    What impressed me most was her confidence. Albeit standing in front of such a cynical audience and judges, she could still be so at ease and express herself so well. I am not sure if this was not a pre-arranged act.

  3. Roy says

    I have been hearing or receiving this message “人不可以貌相” since I was a ten year old boy. To be honest with you, I am still not able to totally act in accordance with this statement.

    From a male perspective, I like girls, especially pretty, beautiful girls. I have to admit that girls/ladies/women are more capable of being stick to this rule – “人不可以貌相” . Very often, I act, think, or feel by hearts (or buttocks) not by brains. I will try my best to keep this statement in my mind!

    Yes, she is really good!