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A queer feeling about McCafe’s Cappuccino Ad

陳豪 said, “If I told you it was McCafe’s Cappuccino, would you believe it?”

Does it assume that the quality of McCafe’s Cappuccino is in doubt in the first place?  Is the ad intended to correct a kind of attitude?

Does anyone of you have this kind of response? or it’s just me…?

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  1. TS says

    Oli, I had the same feeling as yours when I first saw this ad.

    • Olivia says

      TS, why did u feel so?

  2. Anthony says

    What Ad said is opposite in real life.
    So we have comfortable and enjoyable flight in plane in Ad
    Delicious meal in Ad
    Cosmetic that work like a charm

    To me, my main question is when old Mc will close all its junk food shop and change to Mc Cafe

    • Olivia says

      Ha, Anthony, this is disillusionment of a consumer…

      The Ad industry might need to reform as the old ways might have lost the magic. Then now we have so-called social marketing or promotion by social media (when the mass media is losing impact).

      What kinds of things u like about Mc Cafe?

  3. Teresa says

    Well I found the tone of voice of Moses Chan kinda stupid…

    • Olivia says

      Moses even sounds like 阿旺.

  4. Olivia says

    Excerpts from latest marketing report on US:

    “In the area of social networking, 33% of respondents say they are communicating with family and friends through social networking more this than last year; and 53% say they are communicating the same amount. Findings suggest that retailers may be able to capitalize on this trend and investigate the potential this relatively new channel offers to reach consumers with declining interest in traveling to stores or making purchases.

    As an example, Retailer Daily reports that retailer – including Netflix, Papa John’s, Pizza Hut and Kmart – have recently used social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter for promotional campaigns.

    Quoted from

  5. Tracy says

    I do not like the pronunciation of Mr. Chan. Sounds weird~ Anyway, he is just an actor. The concept must come from those marketing & advertising guys.

    p.s. social networking sites for marketing campaigns…This sounds really good. Maybe a new area for research~

    • Olivia says

      Wondering which hk ad agency is doing this TVC for McDonald???? DDB?

  6. Olivia says

    BTW, Tracy, if you wanna know more about the role of social media in marketing, you could take a look at the Asia Pacific Digital Marketing Yearbook 2008.

  7. Roy says

    Apparently, it is the problem or the quality of the ad producer. The problem may be deeper than it appears to be.

    Last Monday, two major topics I talked about in my class were rationality (single or multiple?) and McDonaldization. I think these two concepts can also be applied to this case.

    The problem (?) may be because we are in a supply-driven 消费主义 society. How rational we as consumers are? There are two articles in 亚洲週刊 (第23卷 16 and 17 期)by 林沛理:1. 香港观众需揭竿起义 and 2. 寂寞不寂寞 。

    Both articles talk about TV culture, public entertainment and 消费主义 。

  8. Paul says

    I discuss with my colleagues about this Ad. recently, we conclude that he is chasing girls.
    We would do the same next time.
    Ha Ha.

  9. TS says

    People in developed countries are becoming more and more stupid — because they watch too much TV, especially TV ads.