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Triggered by Desmond’s brain gym sharing

A synonym of “brain gym” might be “brain workout”. I found this link come second in google by seaching the phrase “brain workout”

How to exercise an open mind

Last night I was watching “舞林大道”, a dance competition program on J2 TV channel. Most of the judges look like in their matured age and you might wonder how far they would appreciate new style dancing, and boys dressed up in woman costumes dancing like a woman. Somehow you can tell by their facial expression.

Pattern comes from repeating, and one repeats because of many reasons. When we can break patterns, or our habit chain, we might explore life more.

And then I come across some quotations about BRAIN and THINK:

This particular quote, “The brain that doesn’t feed itself, eats itself.” somehow reminds me of an old Chinese saying. but I cannot recall what it is….

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