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A summary of difference between iPhone 3G and 3G S

Hi, TS has introduced the similar content before but this web page from Yahoo has done a summary. See if it is useful.

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  1. TS says

    Thanks Tracy.

    Have you upgraded your iPhone to 3.0 yet? It makes a lot of difference. The battery life has obvious improvement and the charge time also seems shortened. The landscape keyboard for email, notes and many other applications makes it much easier and faster to type. The Internet tethering that comes with the upgrade can turn your iPhone into a 3G modem easily.

  2. Paul says

    My phone is in 3.0 as well, I love the Internet modem function at the most, other new functions are great.
    But I dont feel the battery life getting longer, and the application seems running a bit slower that before and “lack”.

  3. TS says

    Yes. The tethering (modem) function is great. It has added much value to the iPhone and the data plan. I pay $188 and get 500 MB data, which is quite sufficient for use by my iPhone and my notebook. Connecting to the Internet via the iPhone is just a breeze.

    The landscape keyboard for email and Note is also a great enhancement. It’s weakest point (difficult to type) is now not a problem anymore. I can type really fast and accurate with the larger keyboard now.

    I do sense the activation of apps a bit slower than before.

  4. Tracy says

    Hi, TS, I have already upgraded my iPhone to 3.0. I feel that the charge time is shorterned but I do not feel that the battery life is longer. Besides the improved keyboard, I also like the search function that allows me to search within my own iPhone.