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The iPhone upgrades make all the difference

The launch of the new iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3.0 upgrade have created a lot of excitments and discussions in the past 2 weeks. I couldn’t help my itchy fingers and have finally upgraded my iPhone to 3.0.

There are quite a number of enhancements in the 3.0 upgrade. Some of the accused weak points of the iPhone have now gone. One obvious example is the touch screen keyboard, which was considered too small and sensitive for typing. Now the keyboard can be turned into a “landscape” view so that the keys are much bigger. Now my 2 thumbs can fly and dance on this spacious keyboard with much greater precision.


It is not my intention to talk about the individual enhancements here but I want to point out one major difference between iPhone and other smartphones or PDA that I haven’t talked much before.

Since its first debut (iPhone 2G), there have been many upgrades for iPhones. However, have you heard of any upgrades offered by manufacturers of other smartphones, such as the Nokia upgrades, Sony Ericsson upgrades or HTC upgrades? I don’t think so. Once you have bought the phone, the features and functions in the phone are all that you have. The manufacturers have no obligation or commitment for any further enhancements of your phone. They certainly will keep manufacturing new phones with more features but, sorry,  you need to pay for buying the new ones.

What makes iPhone so different is exactly this “continuous user satisfaction”.  When you buy an iPhone, you are also buying its future enhancements. You will also become a member of the user community in which members actively share their user experience.

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