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Dinner with Ludo

My memory fade away so quick after 24 hour…

1. I forgot the link Ludo mentioned…

2. What is happy?
Happy is when you see beautiful things.

3. The current economy is not an crisis actually.

4. How to sell a box of matches for 50,000 euro, how to value add

5. There are always someone selling things cheaper than you.

6. Aim to be the one selling the most expensive for same product. Making reason for someone paying more for the same product.

7. We are not talking about commodities, we are talking services

Please add if you remember

Posted in minutes.

3 Responses

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  1. TS says

    The World Wide Intellectual Initiatives website:

  2. TS says

    We add value by selling dreams instead of (just) selling commodities.

    We need to act to realize our wish/hope/dream/beliefs. We should not just wish something to happen but not taking actions ourselves.

  3. Jen Nei says

    Ludo was sick, and he was taking antibiotics… and this was the first time we saw him in his lowest velocity of drinking beer 😀