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Tower-Building Game

Tower-Building Game on Day-1

The Game is actually a process of what is known as the “Experiential Learning”. The materials provided and available were A4 paper, glue, and scissors only. This is an inter-group competition with the goal of building the highest tower. Of course, the main purpose is to convey the message of knowledge transfer and sharing: what, how, why, where, who. This subject talks about a number of concepts and theories of organization, learning, motivation and knowledge transfer which are organization-, social- and people-driven.


Which tower is the highest?

While other members were busy with building the tallest paper tower, one of the team members took some notes regarding the following aspects:

  1. How is the work task coordinated?
  2. Can you observe a division of labor?
  3. Does the group develop some work routines?
  4. Do you perceive some persons who are “superiors” and other who are “subordinates”?
  5. Do any conflict(s) appear during the development?
  6. How was the decision making process organized?
  7. How does knowledge transfer work?
  8. Who provides knowledge, who obtains knowledge?
  9. Do you observe that the incentive motivated the group members?
  10. Do they perceive themselves as a team?
  11. What about the competing groups, do they copy solutions or it is the other way round?

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7 Responses

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  1. Anthony says

    Make me recall the airport simulation game for ITIL.
    Human learn and remember easily during “playing” (at least it is true for me)

  2. Jenny says

    normally i focus on the fact that we are ‘competing’ and forget other things… and play is fun! normally it’s important in the ‘debriefing’ session — this s the way the participants rely to the learning.

  3. Roy says

    It was fun! You can imagine how exciting, messy, and ‘high’ the atmosphere in the room was at that moment. Agree to Anthony that I still remember the messy situation at that moment.

    Jenny is correct that the ‘debriefing’ or reporting session was the most valuable part. The member who took the notes of those questions had to tell everyone what she (Donna in our group) observed. This is the reason I posted those questions for your reference.

    Thanks to Cherie for her photos!

  4. Amy says

    We all very focused on targetting the highest. Roy, key person in their group as ‘Design Engineer’.

  5. TS says

    Yes, looks like fun! I very much miss the fun we had in the classes and project groups.

  6. Olivia says

    If you are interested to know more about “Experiential Learning” and you own learning styles, take a look at David A. Kolb and his LSI (Learning Style Inventory) .

  7. Tracy says

    I also observed the game and it is very interesting to see the competitiveness among the teams do encourage each team to do better. Initially none of the teams remove the panel of the roof (教室頂部的板)的of the classroom. Every team seemed to believe that if the tower was as high as the height of the classroom, the team will win. Once one of the teams removed the panel of the roof, all the others do the same. The outcome is clearly if measured by the height of the tower. That is why in many cases company deliberately creates a highly competitive environment, which makes workplace a painful place. Any one has any idea about how to balance the competitiveness between teams and a comfortable working environment?