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指的不是飯就是(嗯… 有軟的好像也不錯

Dear PolyU FENG Graduates,

Exit survey on FENG graduates of 2009

I write again reminding you to complete this very important survey.

I write again reminding you, 你寫 I would like to collect your valuable comment 唔得既咩. 你咁寫原本我想做都唔會同你做,何況我根本就無打算做. 你劈頭第一句就咁, 我覺得做黎都side氣

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8 Responses

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  1. Amy says

    Is that a kind of motivation using such tone? ha..

  2. Anthony says


  3. cherie says

    um, it’s not a bad thing. At least, i won’t continue reading after the first sentences….

  4. Tracy says

    I did not see such survey before but I find it very similar to the tone used by Government….

  5. teresa says

    I complete the survey after receiving the “polite + friendly” reminder…. so that I will not have to receive another reminder….
    clearly I was “motivated”……

  6. TS says

    That’s called negative motivation, which is also a kind of motivation. Do things in order not to be punished 🙂

  7. Jen Nei says

    i filled in la wor… haha… i think it’s important to fill in to provide input regardless of how they will use them. at least i do my part to contribute data….

  8. TS says

    I have submitted too. I hadn’t paid any attention to the wordings they have used. In fact, I felt a little guilty when I was reminded to fill out the questionnaire, and I did submit it immediately after receiving the reminder.