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New Shanghai people and new HK people

上海和香港都是繁華的大城市,每年都有很多人湧入這兩個地方,於是自不然有了所謂的新上海人和新香港人。發現一個現象,新上海人的口碑似乎不錯,不少人覺得新上海人是有才能的,為上海帶來活力,對上海發展有正面的推動作用。 新香港人就不同了,除了個別的藝術界明星朗朗等人之外,絕大多數新香港人都被標簽為負面的,拖累社會的。到底是怎麽回事呢?難道上海人心胸特別寬廣?當然不是,上海人是很精明小器的。

我個人的意見是,這和移民政策有關係。雖然落戶上海並不算移民,但大家都知道中國的戶口政策嚴格,落戶上海並不比移民外國容易。看看香港的移民政策,任何人合法住滿7年就可以定居了,在香港出生的小孩,不論其父母是什麽人,都有居留權。由於我一出生就是上海人,從沒關心過上海的戶口政策,最近留意了一下。原來落戶上海是非常嚴格的,嚴格不一定好,但這確實吸引人才,比香港有優越的地方(哈哈,我當然是看好上海的了). 2003年的時候,沒有本科學位的話, 不論你在上海住了多少年,都不能落戶上海的。就算嫁給上海人,也要雙方中有一方具有博士學位,或者一方具備碩士學位,並在高科技公司做相關工作滿3年才能較快辦理,其他的要等很久。 至於人才引進的話,條件就更苛刻了,要麽是博士,兩院院士,或者是獲得國際獎項的特殊人才。這一類條件到最近兩年才開始放寬。是否在上海出生和上海戶口也是兩回事,要看外地父母的學歷,工作和英語水平等多項條件。所以新上海人中的人才比例比新香港人中的人才比例要高多了(個人感覺,無統計數據)。


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  1. Anthony says

    可惜的是, 香港沒有貫徹了自己的價值, 中共說沒有, 自己摸摸鼻子就認了

    “man is not made for defeat. a man can be destroy but not defeated”
    自己沒骨氣了, 怪不得別人

  2. Roy says

    Tracy, you are very brave to bring this subject up (in Hong Kong) for discussion.

    The points I would like to add are:
    1. Historically, Hong Kong was very different from Shanghai. Shanghai had been the most advanced and industrial city in Far East since early 20th century. Hong Kong started her industrialization in the 70’s.
    2. Hong Kong has been a city of immigrants since 50’s. Most of the Hong Kong people in the age of over 60 came from Guangdong villages.
    3. According to the Basic Law, all ethical Chinese who are born in Hong Kong are Hong Kong perminant citizen. This is very different from the situation in Shanghai.

    This topic in some area is related to the one (四代香港人) post by Anthony.

  3. Tracy says

    After writing it, I also feel that my pointview is not correct and not comprehensive. There are a lot of historical reasons for such decision for Hong Kong and Shanghai. My pointview is restricted and also biased because of my identity, my age and my values.

  4. Tracy says

    Oh, I forget to say thanks to Roy for pointing out some of the historical reasons and backgrounds. Yes, I hope that I can reframe my thought on this issue. Several years ago, when I first came to Hong Kong, I had some bad feelings. This personal experience does affect my framing and thinking.

  5. Anthony says

    Tracy, i will write in more detail to elaborate the situation among HK and mainland China cities based on 四代香港人 viewpoint.

  6. TS says

    Don’t worry Tracy. This is Hong Kong, a place (still) has freedom of speech and the people you are talking to are good and kind people 🙂

  7. Roy says

    Tracy, I am sorry to know that you had some bad feelings when you came to and lived in Hong Kong. I admit that there is a big gap between mainland Chinese and Hong Kong Chinese in terms of culture and daily practices. One thing I always keep in my mind is “nothing is perfect.”

    Owing to my job nature, I had to travel among mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong and it lasted for almost 10 years. So, it is my interest to identify the differences among these three places in terms of culture, people, social norm, social system, appearance of offices, relationship, etc. Sometimes, I will also include Singapore in the comparison.

    What I agree with you is Hong Kong does not have a good foundation on manufacturing industry, especially the high tech ones. I also agree with you that “上海人是很精明的.” I say this because the negotiation I had with Shanghailander was the toughest. However, I respected my counterparts of negotiation.

  8. Tracy says

    To Anthony, thanks and look forward to that^^
    To TS, thanks and I am not worrying about saying this. Just my very personal opinions but I admit that many of them are affected by my own experience.
    To Roy, it is so nice that you are also interested in cultural topics. Me too. My hard feeling initially did not come from differences in practices but some unpolite questions from HK people I met. Later let me share with you. Some of them are actually very funny (now I think it funny, but at that time, I was a bit upset and sad about it).