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My Experience With the New iPhone 3GS


I received my new iPhone 3GS from Apple Store last Thursday, a little earlier than I had expected. The iPhone was delivered right to my desk by the courier, saving me a lot of sweat.

I couldn’t wait to open up the box. I plugged the new iPhone to the same old cord, activated the iTune and chose to restore everything from my old iPhone. Within 30 minutes, the new iPhone was up into service.  The process was flawless.

I protected the new iPhone with the back cover of my old iPhone, but I decided to leave the screen uncovered in order not to waste the “stain free” coating on the screen.

The speed of iPhone 3GS is noticeably faster than the old one, both in activating and quitting apps. Almost 2 times faster for most apps. May be because of the higher speed processor, the battery burned out more quickly, although the capacity of the battery has already been increased.  However, it seems that the situation has been improved with the 3.01 upgrade.

The auto-focus camera is something I’ve been looking forward to and this has not let me down. The video is also a selling point but I was actually quite happy with the Cycorder in my old jailbroken iPhone. Of course I can get better focused videos with this one. It’s a pity that the focus cannot be adjusted during the video shooting, which is a problem when shooting objects with much difference in distance.

Photo taken with iPhone 3GS:


The “Voice Control” feature has turned out to be much more useful and fun to play with than I had expected. It is easy to activate, and the accuracy in voice recognition is quite good. By putting the phone in my car’s windscreen holder, I can press and hold the Home button to activate the Voice Control, and then call dial the numbers. At that distance, I can call dial the numbers I want with normal voice level.  Use in combination with the speaker phone, I don’t need to use additional “hand free” device when driving. I can also use Voice Control to play songs. I can choose the album I want to play by saying “play songs by XXXX”, or “play playlist XXX”. I can also ask for the name and singer of the song being played by asking “what song is playing”. Isn’t that cool?

The earplug has been enhanced too. We can now turn the volume up and down with the control on the cord. We can also use the control on the cord to activate Voice Control, by pressing and holding down the center part of that control.

What am I going to do with my old iPhone?

After struggling for a while, I have sold it, at 先達, for close to $3K. I know I am not good at bargaining and I guess I may be able to sell it for more if I had the patience.  Anyway, at least I know I haven’t wasted the old phone.  As a matter of fact, I only paid $3500 last year for that phone, and now I have one more year warranty with the new iPhone. Not too bad.

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  1. TS says


    I haven’t encountered any over-heating problem as reported by many. In fact, my experience is that it is even cooler than the old iPhone. I tested this by using the “My Radio”, which is a radio streaming app. My old iPhone 3G was very hot everytime after I have play the app for a while. Yesterday, I listened to My Radio for an hour and the phone was still ok cool.

    The “finger print free” coating is good. The screen always looks shinny. I am not sure how soon I have scratches on the surface. However, so far so good.

  2. Tracy says

    Hi, TS. You are so quick in action. I am still playing with my old iPhone 3G and still feeling happy about most of its functions. Thanks for your sharing^^ and I am impressed by the quality of the photo. Much better than the current version.

    By the way, you have sold your old iPhone for 3k, not bad actually.

  3. TS says

    Thanks Tracy for your comments.

    Of course iPhone 3G is still very good. In fact I’ve been struggling whether I should get a 3GS, and eventually I’ve got enough justifications for myself to do so. Different users would have different expectations.

    In Hong Kong people can join 3HK to get the newest iPhone 3GS with very low cost or even for free. So I don’t think HK people would pay more than 3000 to get a second hand iPhone with no official warranty. Thanks to the second hand market in Mainland China for iPhone. However, very soon iPhone would be officially sold by Apple Inc. in China and I think the value for second hand iPhone would be less then, although hearsay that iPhone sold in China would not (be allowed to) have WiFi function.