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不要哀求 學會爭取 若是如此 終有所獲

所以我就很少抱怨了. 懶的去改善的, 就同時懶的去抱怨.

當你遇到問題, 其實你不是”遇到” 問題, 而是你也是問題的一部份

 i’m part of the problem



雖然社會上有很多的不公義,可是那應該是別人去處理的問題, 其實上次我連選票也懶的投

Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can’t ride you unless your back is bent. -Martin Luther King, Jr. 


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  1. Roy says

    Even though the content does not match very well with the topic (it sounds to me they are contradictory), I like it very much that Anthony is very 坦白。

    When we know that we are actually parts (major part) of the problem, it is a big progress.

    We have learnt a lot of concepts and theories about KM, however, one missing part of why KM is still not popular in HK is the cost. When we do not really understand what and where the problems (the problem itself or the change which is supposed to solve the problem) are, we do not know what the cost will exactly be. This is one of reasons why we find it very reluctant to change.

    This leads me to think about the concept – “systems” – in OL again. Almost all of the (social, human) problems are not so straightforward and linear that we, very often, have to:
    1. be brave;
    2. fight;
    3. make ourselves ready to sacrifice;
    4. have the 勇气 to compromise;
    5. insist on our principle;
    6. have a strategic plan; and …

  2. Amy says

    To change our mental model to fit for the environment can be interpreted as ‘bending our back’? Anthony always give me an impression full of heartiful thinkings. Keep on, young man!