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Tai-O (大澳)

'Venice in Hong Kong'  -- Tai-O floating houses

Tai-O — ‘Venice’ in Hong Kong — a fantastic and lovely place!   Still  remember the floating boat towing from one side to another side.   No more for it since there is a bridge built across it.

火燒旺地 …. 劫後重生……. How is that peninsula after the big fire on July 2, 2000?  There is still lots of visitors from the mainland, overseas and Hong Kong.  New program for white dolphin visit sounds interesting and there is a museum telling about old days in Tai-O. 

Modern coffee houses are one of the attractions to me.  Felt relaxing to stay more than an hour there enjoying the beatiful scenery of the houses (棚屋).  Dried salted fish, seafood, local cuisine (本地特色小炒), rice dumpling (茶果)…. make my trip in Tai-O an amazing and unforgettable trip.

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  1. Roy says

    Yes, Tai-O is a beautiful place (just a bit too far away. It took me almost 3 hours to get there from Central five years ago). The most exciting program for me was to get on the boat to see white dolphin. Indeed, the dolphins were about 100m away from the boat.

  2. Amy says

    Roy, still many people join the dolphin visit tour but not our group. Nowadays, shorter travel time getting to Tai-O from Central. Enjoy the romantic scenery with your ‘honey’ and spend your sweet day there! Should be quite good!