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上海作家 – 徐敏霞


上次’貓貓cafe’聚會, 本想帶一本書名叫 ‘我是波西米亞人’ — 電影 ‘假裝沒感覺’ 的小說版.  徐敏霞是當代年青作家, 廿來歲, 上海復旦大學中文系畢業, 1999年獲首屆全國新概念作文大賽一等獎, 及由香港中文大學文學院主辦之第二屆(2003å¹´)新紀元全球華文青年文學獎短編小說組季軍.

小說內的張小培是上海人, 書內還’出現’些上海方言呢!  (我們的上海姑娘一定會有親切感) 小培是一個小女孩, 經歷不幸, 但卻能健康, 有力量地成長.  她與媽媽及家人的對話, 寫得自然而令人感到莫明的溫暖. 

人無論經歷如何, 都能不經意地去生活, 也是一種福氣!   

書中後半部寫 “小培不認識路, 小小的縣城沒有地圖也沒有旅遊團.  不過她喜歡亂走, 在熟悉的上海她沒有這樣的機會.  你永遠不知道自己的下一步會落在何處, 正喑合了小培時常會有的困惑.”

“你永遠不知道自己的下一步會落在何處”  —- 正因為我們會擔憂未來, 或會因而悶悶不樂, 但日子總要面對, 何不瀟灑一點呢!   



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  1. Roy says

    Amy, almost all of us (of course including myself) are faced with uncertainties everyday. People will choose the strategies, plans, responses, and or actions which fit their characters and goals. I very much agree that very often we have to “瀟灑一點”.

    “你永遠不知道自己的下一步會落在何處” – uncertainty (I don’t know what I don’t know) – Oh, KM again

  2. TS says



    Jack (男主角)在遊輪的豪華晚宴上被有心挖苦他的有錢人問到他有些甚麽打算,他亦說出了類似的對白:他本來是一個窮光蛋,幾天前憑著運氣在牌局中幸運地贏得了遊輪的船票,因機緣巧合地救了想自殺的女主角Rose而被賞賜出席豪華晚宴的機會,這是他無論如何也沒法預料得到的;他亦不知自己的明天醒來會在何處。最後他更舉杯向大家說了一句:『Make each day count.』。


  3. Amy says

    Roy and TS,

    This is an art of living. Our stress may come from regret of the past (like what we have discussed in Tracy’s blog release) and worry about the uncertainties in the future. It may be wise to 活在當下 since it is uneasy for us to map the future.

  4. Cherie Lui says

    I think it is easy to understand but not really to do that….
    “你永遠不知道自己的下一步會落在何處” , so we need to think about “當下” as Amy said. How to do it is just simple, but very diffcult to achieve for everyone. First of all, you have to let ‘ego’ not working too much, forget the society status, wants, and the past memories which influencing you. In this way, you can enjoy any moment, and get the pleasure of being who you are, and what you really want (e.g. simple food & love)

  5. Amy says

    Cherie is wise enough to understand SIMPLE STUFF is a kind of luck. ‘幸福不是必然, 要懂得感恩!’

  6. Siu Wai says

    Amy, Roy, TS & Cherie,

    True it is “你永遠不知道自己的下一步會落在何處”.

    Surprise to me that I need to end my half life journey in HSBC. I have not yet projected my likely future image yet. Anyway, just ‘go for fun’ first – spend 3 weeks to Turkey, Jordan and Syria. Tell you more in our next gathering.

    Jenny if you have read this message, very very unlikely I can join the 31st Oct dinner.

  7. Amy says

    小惠, you can actually practice 活在當下. There will have another opportunity waiting for you. Be ready to take next challenge. Take care and enjoy your trip! We look forward to seeing you soon!

  8. Amy says

    Feel sorry to hear that one of our schoolmates in Engineering Dept. has passed away during his trip in Tai Long Bay.