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A Song composed by Chinese 海外留学生

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11 Responses

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  1. TS says


  2. Amy says

    ‘Root’ of chinese is in China. Dream of ‘speaking mandarin’ in dreams. Good melody and meaning in the song!

  3. Tracy says

    Hi, thx for the sharing. I have many friends who were exactly those Chinese overseas students. After graduation from university, most of them choose to stay overseas and work. Several years of working experience may enable them to get a green card, the final destiny.

    I just remember that those who can successfully get the green-card are the smartest ones in my high school.

    • Roy says

      When I listened to this song, I enjoyed the melody very much (sounds like folk song). As a person borne and grown up outside China, I have to admit that I may not be able to 產生共鳴, or even do not fully understand what the overseas Chinese students have in their minds or hearts.

      According to my very limited 認知,there are roughly three different phases with regard to 出國留學:
      1. Before 1990 (第一階段) – 大部份是公費出國學習。當今很多國內經濟學家都屬於這一組別;
      2. In the 90’s – 自费出國開始成主流。學成回國後(國內稱他們叫’æµ·æ­¸’),大都成為炙手可熱的商界精英。例如馬雲、李開復、張朝陽等。
      3. After 2000 (第三階段), ‘æµ·æ­¸’的光環開始減退。I feel the composer of the song belongs to this group of overseas Chinese students.

      Please correct me if I am wrong.

  4. TS says

    李開復 (Kai-fu Li) was born in Taipei. He left for USA to study grade school in 1972. He was appointed by Microsoft as a VP working in China in 2000. After going through some legal struggles with MS, he was employed by Google as CEO in China in 2005. I have heard that he has just left Google and working for himself.

    • Roy says

      Thank TS for the correction.

      When I knew this name ‘李開復’, he had been working in China (as TS said in Microsoft, and Google (Beijing) for over 10 years. So, I mistakenly thought that he was borne in mainland China. And, I listened to his interview on Pheonix satellite TV, he does not have any Taiwan accent.

      According to the latest info, he sets up a company in Beijing, and claims that his company will recruit hundreds of talent people. However, he did not make it clear what business his company is going to run.

      • Roy says

        Just read some info about 李開復 and his company from webpage.

        His company is called “创新工场“ Innovation Workshop. Up to now, he has recruited 7 talent people. Do not know if he would like to introduce KM or OL to enhance the capabilities of his staffs.

  5. TS says

    Kai Fu Lee has established a venture capital business called Innovation Works in Sept 2009 at Beijing to help start ups there. Dr. Lee delivered a number of talks at HKUST a couple years ago. I love his speech. I have also read his book “Be your personal best”.

  6. Paul says

    I was an oversea study as well, I spent few years in Australia to obtain my first degree. People and friends always ask me a question “Why don’t you stay there, find a job and become citizen?”. My only answer is my “root” is in HK, it is hard for me to leave my family, friends and giving up everything in HK. But be honest that I am doubt of my decision of working in HK now.

    • Roy says

      If I am not wrong, we have several overseas students in our study group. I do not count Tracy because Hong Kong is part of China. Tracy, do you feel that you are an overseas student in HK? Hopefully, you don’t!

      In the late 70s and early 80s, the chance of studying abroad was very limited. Only three of my classmates in high school were 海外留学生 (two in Australia and one in Canada)。One becomes lawyer working in Hong Kong, one becomes a IT expert working in HK, and the other is a medical doctor working in Australia. All of them are Australian/Canadian citizens.

      Just like our KM Study Group gathering, my classmates in high school had regular gatherings about twice a year. Some believed that Hong Kong is our home town and a town with growing opportunities. So, HK is our best choice to develop our career. You can imagine that some others have the same feeling of Paul.

      I think it is up to us to determine where you live and work. Hong Kong people is lucky that we have a number of choices (freedom of movement). Of course, the ultimate result is the outcome of our capabilities in vision, judgment, decision making, and executability.

      Living and working abroad is a very good and valuable experience.

  7. Tracy says

    Hi, Roy, haha…Yes, I did not count myself as overseas. The reason is I do not feel that HKnese are foreigners to me^^