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Just wonder what is the difference between iPhone and iPad except the size?

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  1. Anthony says

    actually, it is a enlarged iPod touch without phone function.
    the dark edge of iPad is too wide, look not smart

    Anyway, TS, time to buy a NEW gadget !!!

  2. T S says

    Yes, why not? I have registered for being notified when it’s available for order.

    I don’t think I need 3G power for iPad. I expect that it can tether with my iPhone. I will switch to Smartone for an unlimited data plan ($298).

    The least I can do is to remote access to my office computers through remote desktop. The iPhone is just too small for this purpose.

    A large enough ebook reader is also something I am looking for. I can use it to read the pdf documents I have uploaed to Google Doc and Gmail, and of course order some books from the iBook store.

    Viewing photos and video would be quite pleasurable with this size, I can imagine.

    It may not be perfect and sexy enough with this first version (in fact it’s far (less) from what I had expected), but at this price range, I would like to give it a trial.

  3. teresa says

    this is seriously so NOT SEXY! ….”PAD”?!

  4. Tracy says

    Actually, I am also interested. The function I like most is the E-Book. iPhone is too small if you want to read for a while.

    Yes, Teresa, I do not like the name of the product either.

  5. TS says

    My iPhone has been serving me very well as an information and learning device (information+learning=knowledge).

    I also often use it to share photos with friends. For example, when we talked about recent trips and good old days, I would pull out my iPhone and show them the relevant photos I had in my online photo albums. That helps a lot in recalling everyone’s memory and hence heightening the atmosphere of the gathering. The only pity is that the 3.5″ display is really a bit small for showing clear pictures. The Google map function is also very useful, but again, the display is too small. I think there are a few more other applications that, with a larger display, would be much enhanced.

    So, to me, a larger sized iPhone (or iPod Touch, to be more precise) is exactly the thing I want.

    The 9.7″ display and the ease for it to be orientated make it a very good e-document and e-book reader. Use together with the Google’s cloud computing services would be perfect. I can really use it for meetings and seminars without bringing my documents.

    Another big plus over laptop or netbook is its speed. The iPad, like the iPhone, can be ready for use in a second, and switching on my netbook will take more than 1 minute (usually 2 minutes before it is ready for use). So I may have already finished my task with the iPad even before the netbook has been switched on.

    In fact, the purpose of a netbook is for surfing the Net, reading/writing blogs (I don’t even use it for IM after I have got the iPhone) and sharing photos sometimes because of its larger screen. So I think the iPad can capably replace my netbook. I can also save almost 1 lb of weight from my shoulder.

    So, I think the iPad is not another netbook, or tablet PC or the like. It is a device to help people to enjoy or live an easier life. Not something that only the tech-savvy can master.

    Yes, it is pretty much a large-size iPod Touch, but what’s wrong?

    With a larger display, I believe that there will be more room for creative software apps development and the iPad would be put into much better applications.

  6. Amy says

    I would like to have an i-Pad coz it is more convenient for carrying. Just hold it like a book. Netbook + iPad are all I need!

  7. TS says

    One added value — you can use it as an electronic photo frame when you are docking in on your desk.

  8. TS says

    I don’t think Apple had mistakenly picked the name iPad for this new device.

    I think it’s an appropriate name. We have notepad, writing pad, desk pad, etc. A pad is something for people to write on and for containing information.

    Many people tease the name by relating it to the kind of pad used by ladies. I don’t see anything negative about this. Half of the human race on earth cannot live without (at least very inconvenient) it. It’s not something shameful to talk about. Hahaha.

    People mentioned about “tablet”. What is a tablet? A tablet can also mean a “pill”. Slate? Slave?

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