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My iPad

Since the launch of the Apple iPad in April, I have been holding my breath for more than 3 months, and now I have finally got mine. To many people, this may appear to be just another gadget for the Apple fanboys. To me, it is a device I have been looking forward to for personal productivity and effectiveness. I am going to make it work the way that will meet my objectives.

Many people have kept saying that the iPad is just a content consumption device. I don’t think so. I guess they are thinking that the iPad can only be good for reading stuffs, including news, information, entertainment media etc. First of all, I don’t think “consumption” is necessarily the word for describing such purpose of the iPad or similar devices. It depends on what “stuffs” are we talking about and how those “stuffs” would be used. If those stuffs are used in productive or purposeful ways, it is processing rather than consumption, for the sake of production.

Furthermore, those people may not be aware that iPad has got a keyboard too. So why would it be deprived of its “content production” function? As a matter of fact, I am now writing this blog with my iPad and I’ve found its keyboard rather user friendly, much more so than a 10-inch netbook. With some more practice, I think I can type on it as fast as on a normal desktop keyboard.

Another major purpose of the iPad is to help me live a “paperless” work life, because it is such a good reader, for books and documents. I have already found some appropriate apps to do just that. I will share with you my experience on how I make the iPad work for me..

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