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draw the line

某公司的IT support, 電話響

同事A:  我想響powerpoint 度做呢個highlight effect, 嗱, 普通字我識做, 響呢度做唔到, 有咩辦法做到呢?
IT同事B: 哦好, 等我connect 入黎睇下, … , 哦, 呢個image黎既, 無得咁攪個wor, 要咁不如上面笠個方形, 再set番個transparency 啦
同事A: 咁唔得, 你咁set 咪矇左law(高八度)
IT同事B: 咁不如上面笠個text box 上去啦
同事A: 咁唔得, 我呢度成幾十個咪要做幾十次?
IT同事B: 咁喇, 你print出黎, 一張有hightlight,  一張無highlight 既, scan番入去, 一click 就唔係effect, 直接出下一張slide, 咁得唔得?
同事A: 咁梗係唔得啦
IT同事B: 喂, 嗱, 咁又唔得咁又唔得, 你唔compromise on anything 係無得攪個wor
同事A: 我唔理你呀, 你同我攪掂佢呀


IT Support 唔係耶穌基督, 更加唔係阿四, 係你要做powerpoint, 唔係我要做powerpoint, 嫌麻煩就塞過黎算咩意思

啪一聲, IT同事B決定拋開一切customer service 理論,


IT同事B:  如果我出埋你份人工我。就。同。你。攪。掂。佢。

同事A 聽完呢句, 呆左半秒, 可能從來沒想過IT同事B可以咁掘咁答佢,又或者真係諗緊比唔比份人工IT同事B, 又或者佢個句其實係無心之失不過IT同事B 就真係聽左入去,又或者同事A 真係反省緊佢同IT同事B既R&R

同事A, IT同事B: (dead air)
同事A: 咁好啦(收線)

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  1. Alva Ho says

    果然高見, I absolutely support IT B, IT guys are not always “YES man” . If IT section does all things for clients such as type a Chinese essay for them, press a key for them, align the document format for them, modify their photos color, size, print out a tailor-made photo frame size for them as outside photoshop’s job but free of charge for them,.etc. Do not think you can do once may complete client’s task, it is just beginning the troublesome. The stupid clients will continue to ask for little by little modification for the same task and never complete until you feel frustrated to tell them “no way to do it “.