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GPS Tracking for Public Transport

Do you have this unpleasant experience of waiting for a bus at a bus stop for a long while wondering when your bus will come, and struggling whether you should give it up for other means (e.g. other buses or a taxi) because you are thinking your bus may come any moment soon? How nice it would be if all the buses are equipped with a GPS tracking device such that you can track them with a smartphone? Now this should not be something too far away.

I have recently found an iPhone app (free) called “TaxiGo” which is doing exactly the same thing. This is a tool for tracking taxis running on the road with GPS. Currently this service is supported by 600 taxis in Hong Kong. Each of the taxis is equipped with a GPS tracking device for the purpose. With the app, you can locate the whereabout of these taxis with the relevant information you need, including the car numbers, whether they are vacant or not, and the contact phone number for calling the taxi. I have tried the accuracy of this app myself on a street, and found that it is real. I can actually see the taxi with the exact car number as shown on my iPhone passing by me. I expect/hope that more and more taxis will join the service if they have found (or are convinced) that it would help their business.

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  1. Anthony says

    TS, can u post a link to this App? can’t find it in itunes…