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Mac App Store – A Real Threat to Microsoft and PC Makers

The official launch of the Mac App Store today doesn’t seem having made too much a news, may be because Apple Inc. has already announced it for a while. However, I would think that this is going to be a milestone when the table of the PC market shares begins to turn around, just like how the launch of the iPhone and App Store has turned around the table of the smartphone market shares. The frogs are being boiled, slowly.

Why and how?

Microsoft and PC have been leading in the personal computer market shares all along. Although Apple computer (i.e. Mac computers) has also got many die hard fans, they are still just a small fraction as compared with the PC and Windows users. Why?

For certain reasons, too many people all over the world have been habitually using PC loaded with Windows and Microsoft Office in the past 20+ years.  Most of the application software and hardware have also been produced aiming at this market. People have already gotten used to the applications they have been using for doing their daily tasks and it is difficult to change. As a matter of fact, there are indeed much less user applications software for Mac OS. People who have switched to using Mac computer have much less choices in choosing equivalent applications.

The launch of the Mac App Store is going to change the entire ball game. With the great success of the iOS App Store, the Mac App Store is going to attract more and more “app developers” to develop a wide variety of low cost or even free apps for the Mac OS.

With a much more superior quality hardware series (iMac, Mac Mini, Macbooks, Macbook Air etc.), a much more stable OS (Mac OSX)  and an endless supply of low cost and free apps (including free updates) for various purposes, one will not need a crystal ball to see what will be happening.

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