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New Opportunities for Using Technologies to Help Learning and Education

Since the launch of the iPad, there have been more and more reports and articles reporting and sharing experience on how iPads have been put in use in education and getting encouraging results. Let me share a couple of them I have just picked up recently.

Professor Corey Angst, assistant professor in management at University of Notre Dame, shared (in the Academic Minute) his findings in a project management class he is teaching. In his class, each of all his 40 students were loaned an iPad for their study (as an experimental project, I suppose). The iPads were primarily intended for use as e-readers, but the students were given the freedom to use it in ways they thought appropriate. The students liked the iPad very much and were very much attached to it, so the professor can drop a video and  news clip to their online folders and they can watch it almost instantly. The students also used their iPads in the class for notes taking, and even take short quizes and “dropboxed” him the results. With the freedom given, the students also used their iPads as a project management tool to help coordinate and manage the real world projects they were assigned.

In this project, Prof. Angst has found that the iPad has created new learning opportunities not only for his students, but the entire school. I particularly like the final remark made by Prof Angst: “I figure these students are the first generation that have grown up literally from day one with computers, who could better teach us how technologies should be used in the classroom”.

Another piece of article was written by Fraser Speirs in the PC World entitled “An iPad for Every Child“, sharing his experience in deploying a new computer program at the Cedar School of Excellence.

I think we will be seeing more and more of these stories (about using iPads and other “pads”), and I don’t think all of them will be as positive. However, I think we should look at the bright side and make good harvest from the achievement/advancement we have made in technologies.

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