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Thanks, iPad/iPhone Killers

The other day my friend asked me whether the Motorola Xoom Tablet (and the many other soon to launch tablets running Android HoneyComb OS) could beat the iPad. I just smiled and shrugged him off. I didn’t answer the question because it was not a question that could be answered with a simple yes or no, “may be” or “may be not”. In fact, it was not a good question to ask in the first place.

In just a few years, Google has done an incredible job in developing the Android OS for use by major smartphone manufactures (Shame on you, Microsoft!!). Although Google had started its plan to develop such an OS in as early as 2005, by acquiring the Android Inc (a startup company) in mid-2005, I believe that it was the launch of the iPhone that had accelerated the development and maturity of the Android phone OS. I also believe that the launch of the iPad by Apple had accelerated the further development of the Android Phone OS to the Android Tablet OS, the HoneyComb. It was the effect of competition. As I have written in one of my recent posts, Apple is also working hard in enhancing their iOS hardware and software in order to please its users and stay ahead of the competition.

So, as an iPad and iPhone user, I really welcome and thank all the hard works by the so called “iPad or iPhone killers”.  Apple and Google are two contemporary innovative giants (I am a supporter of both companies). They may have no lacking of technologies, but only ideas on their applications (which in turn drive technological developments). So, if one of them can come up with really good ideas, the other would follow and come up with even better ideas very soon. So, I really hope that the Motorola Xoom would surprise us with many good stuffs when it is launched.

So, if I have to answer that question:

“If those Android Tablets (Xoom or other soon to launch tablets) are better (in whatever aspects) than the iPad, or even iPad 2, there will be a better iPad (version 3, 4 or 5) running on better iOS very soon.  “

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