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Scientifically-Proven Ways to Be Happier

I remember a long time ago we discussed about happiness.  Found an interesting article (CLICK HERE to read the article) and let’s ignite some ideas here to share on

1. what is happiness to you?

2. how can you be happier?

dream on….

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  1. cherie says

    Happiness is the deepest feeling in heart. I thought it’s about the congruence between the ideal and actual self : )

    Do you all want to hold a workshop on happiness? May be i can be the facilitator and share something on positive psychology.

    • Jenny says

      yes Cherie. that would be great! how about we do it at the coffee house next time in March 26?

    • Paul says

      Good! waiting for your exciting sharing of happiness.
      Remember the book you suggest me? “Happier”. The author do mention point 1-4 in Jenny’s article.

  2. Daniel says

    Two friends of mine share their traveling experience in Bhutan and Cuba. One is a physicist, and the other is a CPA. Co-incidentally, they find Bhutan and Cuba a “Shangri-la” with such a refreshing and worry-less living places. Civilians down treasure each day they have.

    Jenny’s question is “scientific-proven”. One quick way is to have dopamine injection. In last Nov2010 MSc KM graduation dinner, Dr Benny once shared his NLP learning to find some sort psycho-training able to “overwrite” sadness. That could be another scientific happiness generation.


  3. admin says

    Survey done by 2 marketing professor and 1 MBA student, well, I would recommend more interesting “RESEARCH” as below

  4. TS says

    What is happiness? It sounds like a simple question. In fact, it’s not. More for you to think about….

    I believe all of you must have your happy moments before. Are you happy right now? If yes, congratulations. But how long do you think such happiness would last? If you are not happy at this moment, why? But you had been happy before. It seems that the reason(s) that had made you happy last time is not working anymore, and you need some other reasons to make you happy again.

    As a matter of fact, the kind of happiness many people are pursuing seems to be “intermittent” in nature. They are quite similar to “taking drugs”, people need stronger doses every time to sustain or resume their happiness. Is such kind of happiness worth our time and effort to pursue? Don’t you think that it would do more harm than good, because this kind of happiness would just seed further unhappiness……

    What is happiness anyway?

  5. Paul says

    Let me answer your question from my interpretation la.
    1. what is happiness to you?
    To me happiness is more that feeling, it is a mindset, a mental model, peace of mind, a positive energy… It is difficult to describe in words.

    2. how can you be happier?
    Follow the hamburger model of happiness, which is about balance of what we should do now; a balance of present enjoyment and future fulfillment.

  6. Ricky says

    Happiness can be self-created when you face the diverse environment in positive a mindset. I think a people with high emotional quotient can self-created these happiness easily. A people with religion can create these happiness from his God.
    Happiness is influenting. When you are unhappy, you will be influenced by a people with joyful mind. When two happy people meet together, more fun will be brought just like k4fun. 🙂

  7. Andreas says

    Funny you should post this on the same day I watched this TED talk. I had downloaded onto my phone and was waiting for an opportunity to watch it. Serendipity perhaps. The video is not necessarily about being happy, or perhaps it is! He never mentions the word happy (I don’t think). Have some tissues handy, if you are that way inclined: