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I’m a year late

Finally tried Kindle…

Good Point:
E ink is good for reading, comfortable
Light and slim

Bad Point:
It is not touch screen, I always try to tip the screen
ok, revert to up/down  select, confirm style, look at the right side of the kindle, the square frame is the up down left right button, the centre is confirm button. ok, i use it.

I tell you from my heart, this is shit

The frame is so thin, I will always unwantedly pressed “confirm”  while actually I wanted to press up/down actually. It is already annoying to navigate the menu item one by one sequentially and it added one more blow to go astray during navigation.


If you have a habbit of reading text only book, having patience and fine finger, kindle is a good choice

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3 Responses

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  1. Paul says

    I dont know the elink touch screen technology exist or not?

  2. Paul says

    should be eink

  3. TS says

    The price of e-books sold by Amazon is still very unreasonably high, making this “Amazon books” only ebook reader not a bit attractive to me. Not sure if it can read Chinese now. If not…. just forget it!