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The iPad 2 Upgrade

The much expected iPad 2 has finally been unveiled. As usual, many of my friends and colleagues asked for my views and if I would go for it. With the new features in the iPad 2, Apple has further strengthened its leading place in the tablet market. As far as I am concerned, I am actually not too excited about those new features. Since my iPad has been in use for only 8 months, I think I should hold my breath for a little longer for the next upgrade which I (and many) think would have more groundbreaking features. The iPad (1) I am using has been serving me very well so far. I am more looking forward to the iOS 4.3 which I think would be more useful for my current applications, and this software upgrade is FREE!

My views on the new features and upgrades are as follows:

1. Cameras

This would be very good for those who really do video calls a lot. However, I only do that once in a blue moon, and I have my iPhone 4 for that purpose.

2. Faster CPU and Graphic

This is also a major improvement. However, the current speed is ok for the applications I am using. I seldom played video games, especially those that would demand a lot of processing power.

3. A thinner and lighter body

The weight has reduced for about 4 ounces. The protective case I am using weighs about 9 ounces. So the weight reduction can easily be achieved if I can found a lighter case.

4. Smart Cover

I’d rather save that US$39 for not having the smart cover.

5. Mirroring

This is good but has to be achieved with a HDMI adapter costing US$39. There may not be too many occasions I really need to mirror the iPad to the TV. The mirroring may be more useful if it can be done through a video projector for training and demonstration purpose. This may be possible in the next upgrade. I have heard that the HDMI adapter can also be used with iPad 1 for restricted features, such as for mirroring 720HD video to HDTV. As a matter of fact, I can stream 720HD video to the TV through my Apple TV.

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5 Responses

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  1. Anthony says

    The best news is Steve Job is healthy enough to give us another speech. Media report the iPad launch as a World news, other devices(Galazy tab, Xoom, Playbook) got no coverage beyond technology related media. This is the divide.

  2. TS says

    Yes, free advertisement for Apple Inc.

  3. Jen nei says

    i am more geared towards not buying it as the current ipad is already serving my needs. Just the lighter weight is the only attractive feature to me. Not sure if I should pay a few thousands just for that really.

    • TS says

      I belief there should be more room for weight reduction, e.g. by using a different material etc. Apple will figure it out.

  4. Anthony says

    I will buy and sell back to Sin Tak…