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Friday, May 11, 2007 On the occasion of the day of 10 May (day of the abolition of slavery), several newspapers back on the colonial past of France and slavery.

Friday, May 11, 2007 On the occasion of the day of 10 May (day of the abolition of slavery), several newspapers back on the colonial past of France and slavery. In Release, the historian Claude Liauzu believes that the French company must conduct an in-depth, especially at school, on its slave past. It is very critical of this kind of ceremonie.qui "… allows policies to ease their conscience by acknowledging past crimes, but no rule of the problems of the present. I believe much more in-depth work, at school, he said it must make sense at this time of milking, why it happened and thus the world. "But, in the context of this day, a sentence of Nicolas Sarkozy’s speech, delivered on the evening of his election, has resonated: "Down the road of repentance and self-loathing there, let there be no mistake, communitarianism and tribal law (…) e will finish with repentance, which is a form of self-hatred. ". The Rue89 site offers a fairly complete record on this issue, with interviews of several personalities: Benjamin Stora, Louis-Georges Tin, Lilian Thuram, Esther Benabassa and many others. As the relationship yesterday, the universities blocking movement did not take but concerns remain. The Nicolas Sarkozy proposed that worries most students is undoubtedly that of university autonomy. "If decrees on autonomy appear this summer, as rumors run, the new president would go to confrontation," said the UNEF in a statement echoed by Le Figaro. The student union is concerned with such reform increased competition between universities. And, as recalled by several articles, some might translate "autonomy" with "privatization" Good Read … ————————— ——————- 11/05/07 Liberation the college cools his ardor Yesterday the pro and anti-Sarkozy hotly debated at several universities. In Tolbiac, the blockade was lifted. Read more of the article An anti-Sarkozy pad, four months firm immediate appearances yesterday for demonstrators arrested on May 6 at the Bastille. Read more of the article "We must give meaning to the period of Trafficking" The historian Claude Liauzu believes that the French company must conduct an in-depth, especially at school, on its slave past. Maintenance on the occasion of the National Day of the abolition of slavery. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 11/05/07 University: anti-Sarkozy mobilization is no recipe Yesterday, students held AG, but they did not block the facs. They will however hold a demonstration on May 16, the day of handover. Read more of the article Faculty autonomy, spearheaded a major project to reform Volunteers chairs should quickly be freer in the management of their institutions. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 11/05/07 (a day late) "Bringing memories" Committee Member for the memory of slavery and author of Memoirs of slavery, Glissant gives his views on that day. Read more of the article France must face up to its past slave The Taubira law of 10 May 2001 recognizing the slave trade as a crime against humanity. Jacques Chirac today presided over the ceremony, joined by Nicolas Sarkozy. Read more of the article As Is: Sarkozy: "I hate repentance" "Down the road of repentance and self-loathing there, do make no mistake, communitarianism and the law of the tribes. "Paris, inaugural speech as UMP candidate, 14 January 2007. Read more of the article ————————– ————————– Le Parisien on 11/05/07 (paying) A new Muslim school in Ile-de-France A second college Muslim will definitely open in next September in Paris. Two classes of 6th will be installed in a room of Vitry-sur-Seine. The project triggers the wrath of the town hall. Read more of the article I take now the rector! "What do you think this project? Alain Audoubert. I’m surprised this project I have no information. It’s scandalous. The passage of Nicolas Sarkozy to the Interior Ministry, in charge of worship, prompted such initiatives. Read more of the article Yet very few religious schools AFTER the 2003 law on religious symbols in schools, some Muslim leaders had prophesied a new wave of Muslim institutions, to welcome especially girls not wanting to take away their veils. Read More Article Twelve young leaders become great … LS ARE TWELVE, but there will only be elected. Yesterday Rene Auffray school, Clichy (Hauts-de-Seine), welcomed the general support of the hotel and restaurant. As college english homework help
for mathematics, history, philosophy, the kitchen also has its elite school …. Read more Article 60 000 jobs to be entered in the hotel and catering TRADITION sometimes good, especially when it provides employment. In the hotel and catering industry, a sector in which France enjoys a high reputation (832,000 persons employed, 15,000 jobs created per year), over 60 000 jobs Read more of the article —— —————————————— the Cross of 11/05/07 Italian Catholicism defends force the family a large family event will bring together defense Saturday, May 12 hundreds of thousands of Italians, with the sponsorship of the Italian Episcopal Conference Read More Article ——- —————————————— 20 minutes 11/05/07 Toulouse: Sarko being debated in college Mirail Nearly a thousand students gathered yesterday in general assembly Mirail. No specific agenda but a heated debate about the results of the presidential election and the policy envisaged by the future government. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Metro (Paris) from 11/05/07 children of PTA are less healthy a study by the research Directorate shows that youth health is related to their social environment Read following Article 89 of the —————————————— Street 11/05/07 slavery: the "end of repentance"? Rue89 opens debate on Sarkozy’s desire to "finish with repentance." Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– West of France 11/05/07 Pascal Dazin soldier of family peace, as one in three couples, Pascal Dazin, doctor, lived a separation. A banal story that became hell. Pascal Dazin believes that the judiciary pushes families to the conflict. He made this painful breakup a fight for family peace. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Le Monde 11/05/07 Praise of repentance by Marc Olivier Baruch break is not necessarily quiet: even before taking office, in two operations whose terms were not likely not chosen lightly, Nicolas Sarkozy has destroyed one of the main achievements of the presidency of Jacques Chirac: the solemn recognition of the role taken by France, by the French state in the Holocaust. Let us listen to the president-elect: Nice, on 30 March, it is on the side of "those who think that France should not be ashamed of its history, it has not committed genocide". Three weeks later, in Rouen, he says he wants to "put France in the spotlight" denouncing "repentance, execrable fashion to which I ask you to turn away." Read more of the article "serious games": the art of learning fun The French Ministry of Finance opened the way to the general public in France by posting the game Cyber ??Budget ago a year, Jean-Francois Cope passed the "levers" of the Ministry to every Internet a little bit curious financial workings of the state. But the "serious games" (serious games), educational software originally designed for internal use in companies or institutions, now have other functions: they have become a great way immersion for Internet user to decode a problematic or complex situations through a business game, or to convey political and commercial messages. Just like Bercy, many government agencies are quick to simulate their activities in a game. Read more of the article ——————– ——————– Le Nouvel Observateur Permanent 11/05/07 ————— Nothing seen … ————————- the of 11/05/07 Quid novi? The Latin and Greek! No, they are not dead languages: from 11 to 13 May in Nantes, a European festival dedicated their trendy Read more of the article —————- ——————————————- A selection in dispatches 11 / 05/07 Sarkozy proposes the autonomy of universities, students translate privatization the "real autonomy" of universities has been a leitmotif of the campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy but without specifying its real intentions, some students do not waited his inauguration to read a will select and privatization. Read more of the article University: Student Confederation expects Sarkozy takes "word" Student Confederation said on Friday that the new president, Nicolas Sarkozy, "will keep its word" on the fiscal aspects and integration of young people in his program for higher Education. Read more from the article "principle" of a demonstration on May 16 voted to Paris X-Nanterre Several hundred students gathered Thursday at a general meeting at the University Paris X-Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine) voted the "principle" of a demonstration in Paris against the policies of Nicolas Sarkozy on May 16, the day he took office as president, according to student and police sources. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- Posted by Watrelot on Friday, May 11, 2007

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