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About k4fun

K4fun 是由一群在polyU KM 的學生組成的community, 以casual的方式持續同學間的relationship. 其運作完全獨立於polyU. 會員可推薦有興趣的朋友加入. 目前k4fun 每月會進行一次聚會.

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  1. Daniel Ng says

    Here is Daniel, current MSc KM student. I meet Amy and Roy in today 23 Jan 2010 MILESAA watch factory tour. Advise how to register to get a Login (as there is no registration page)…..

    Just search my namecard bank, and find Jenny’s. May contact her on Monday 25 Jan 2010 to get a login.

    Tel (852) 9104 3608, e-mail :

  2. W. Ritter says

    Hello, I have added the URL to the member site of; hope to create more exchanges between English and Cantonese KM communities.

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